any sister in LA

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  • any sister in LA

    salam alikum sisters, i'm new member and i'm wondering if there are any sisters who lives in LA in south bay area, i woul like to have a firend, i'm married and i'm expecting a baby soon, so insha Allah i will be able to meet a sister through this website,

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    i wish u will be fine, and GOD will be protect u and your s baby... MY all good wishes with you


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      Thank you Chahd , it's nice of you, it looks like you are the only one who answer me all the time and i think that no sister lives in my area, may Allah bless you


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        im sorry for u ,u look like me me too i coudnt find any one here live in this country but we can be freinds why not im amal 23years im married and im living in ZA johannesburg
        ربي لا تدرني فردا و انت خير الوارثين


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