bored of staying at home

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  • bored of staying at home

    salam for all the sisters,
    i just want to share with you my pain osf staying at home without job , i m a newly married and i m also pregnant thanks GOD for all that but i still suffer because i m far away of my family , also i m staying at home without any job . i have a diplomat in english litterature and another one in journalism but unfortunately i did not find any job , i dont know where i can find it so plz if someone want to help me i will be grateful to her.

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    Salam my beloved sister
    first of all welcome to our forum , we are so happy to have you between us

    also i want to congratulate you , may Allah bless your life with your husband, & may Him bless your baby too

    well my dear its so normal to get bored as you start a new life , and especially in a new country

    working may not be the only solution to get rid of feeling lonly and bored
    its just a routin's problem beleive me

    nowadays its not easy to find a job even in our mother country, so how in an odd land ??

    just try to fill up your time , try to learn something new
    treasure the moments you have to plan well for how to treat your futur baby

    or try to study something new, knowledge is never finished

    believe me honey , many wives should envy you
    you're like a queen in your house
    so try to make it a peice from paradise

    plaise your husband, so he will never ever make you sad or in need

    i wish i could help you a little, & forgive me i cant shut up lol

    See you honey

    take a good care

    ~ّ [ مشــروع منقّبة ] ّ~

    اللّـهمـ اجعل نســاء وبنات المسلمين صــالحات تقيّـات قــانتات تائبات و حبّـب لهنّ السّـتر و الحجــاب . و اغرس فيهنّ الحيــاء و العفـاف .
    اللّـهم و احرسهنّ من دعوات المُـفسدين . و دعــايــات المُـضلّـلين و اجعل قدوتهنّ أمّـهــات المؤمنين . برحمتك يا أرحم الرّاحمين .


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      sorry i cant help you i am bord too i cant find a jobe either how ever i hope you find somthing makes you busy unitil you have youre baby out in shaa allah and you are going to see how busy you are going to be
      رحمك الله ياغلى واعز مخلوق على قلبي يا امي...
      ياشمعة كم انارت لي باحتراقها دروب الحياة وظلمتها ...
      تنطفئين اليوم و ترحلين من هذا العالم لكن قلبي يحتفظ بك في عمق اعماقه...
      وان غاب جسدك عنا...فروحك الطيبة مازالت تدفئنا بازكى رائحة للامومة...واقصى درجات للحنان
      كانك ملاك يا امي...


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        hey don't feel bad be grateful for what you have a husband that you love and a baby such beautiful blessing ,i know that staying at home is boring because i am just like you newly married, taking online classes to finish my degree and trying to find a job but no luck it makes me feel depressed and you know what i envy you because i want to have a baby but my husband wants me to get my degree first and a job before we have babies i just feel that i am old that i need to have kids before its too late . have you thought about teaching arabic there are a lot of islamic schools for kids ? just a thought .or maybe you and i can open a moroccan restaurant serve lehrira ol msemen hehehe :) just kidding


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          Look honey take care of yourself and your husband and after giving birth to you baby believe me you want feel any more bored.
          It is not easy at all to reer A child . I am mother of 2 children and i know what i am talkinG about. What mAkes matters worst is that i am also a working woman i cannnot make anY equilibruim between my work inside and outside my home . I hope i could do without the job AND STAY AT HOME but i cannot you know life is getting more and more expensive and my husband cannot make it all i have to help my husband take care of my 2 sweathearts ans also doing the usual houseworks like any other houswif.


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            salam sister summertime you are shinning darling and bringing the sunny weather with you as you are the summer time haha i am just kidding .happy to meet you here sister and i wish you a good luck in your studies and that you would get your degree as soon as possible and get the job you want also and after that you get a lot of children . i wish you a good luck you and your husband


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              sister oum albant you see life nowadays is so harsh and difficult to cope with especially for women,working in and out she is doing a great job deviding herself into many parts.those who are not working want to get a job and those who are
              working wish only if they could settle down caring for their kids and living peacefully.we should be greatful anyway
              may God help you sister in your life and help all women


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                Any away sister little girl thank you very much for sympathising with me and wishing me good luck
                hamdo lilah


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                  hey little girl thank you for your reply i just read it i am new to this forum and thank you for the wishes .i feel lonely and i am desperately looking for friends here in america someone to talk to and share stories with my GOD living abroad is not easy anyway i wish the best to everyone
                  keep in touch :)


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