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  • someone

    hi all i'm new here i hope u like what i wrote please give me your opinion

    when i saw for the first time
    i felt like the world has stoped
    i couldn't beleive that that god
    give us a presious gift like you
    i couldn't beleive that god
    has faith on us to take care of you
    take care of someone
    as sweet as charming as you
    someone with a big geart
    contains all the love we can imagine
    someone who you only can be
    happy and thankfull to be with
    someone who makes you
    breathless whenever he talk
    at the end i just want to say i love uuu
    to my one and only love

  • #2
    SALAM sister cool are very welcomed here,whishing that you would enjoy your staying among us
    good luck in your writings,there are some mistakes but this doesn't mean it is not good keep up and by trial-error process you will improve your talent and sucessed inchaa ALLAh
    i wish you the best of luck and i think that you mean by your writing the mother


    • #3
      thanks little girl for the advice


      • #4
        you are welcome sister. good luck


        • #5
          My sister coolpearl you are welcome in this section
          thank you for this try writing

          I wish you success
          المصممــة والمـبـرمجـة المغـربيـة الشريفة الإدريسية°°من آل البيت°° أم عبد العــزيـز نونو
          تصفحي مشاركاتي لأنها رفيعة المستوى وتهمكي للغاية ولاتنسيني الدعاء بالجنة والهداية لي ولزوجي وأولادي ووالدينا جميعا...بارك الله فيكي


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