dear sister, you are like a flower in the desert

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  • dear sister, you are like a flower in the desert

    salamo alikom
    this is my first post here . I hope you will like it

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    salam alaykom sister muslima forever and glad to meet you .thanks a lot darling for the great posting it is so meaningful and to the point muslima is distiguished by her hijjab which her pride .May ALLAH keep us on the right path.May Allah bless you sister


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      Thank you darling for this posting, but this 'modern hijjib' ,I mean these clothes which we wear today is not hijjab char3i. We need to change our way of clothing and ctick to the Islamic way of clothing and be like omahat l moominin


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        Salam alikum sister
        May allah reward you for this posting and put it your good deeds
        I jut wanna say really we know our hijjab is our '3ifa' our pride but we still, most of us not all of cours , don't follow the codes of hijjab as mentioned in the sunna our oulama books to letter
        why?? because we still lost in this short and' fanya' life, yes we wear alhmdollih hijjab but the question is our hijjab an islamic hijjab ??
        What is the islamic hijjab looks like?
        May allah forgives all our sins and put us in right path .


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          salam may sister i thank you so much for this exelent posting and may allah reward you cause you thaught to hijab which is the real signe of muslims sisters.... and it is the natural wear of muslims my allah help us to take care of our hijab .........


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            May allah rewards you and let you enter the Alfirdaws al'aala with your beloved ones


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              nice nasheed jazaky LLAHU khyran dear sister
              --الأرواح جنود مجندة . فما تعارف منها ائتلف . وما تناكر منها اختلف -حديث صحيح-رواه البخاري--
              إذا أحبّنا الناس جعلونا ملائكة وإذا كرهونا جعلونا شياطين
              إذا الحبيب اتى بذنب واحد جائت محاسنه بألف شفيع


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