Has Ramadhan become a month to spend a lot of money!

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  • Has Ramadhan become a month to spend a lot of money!

    Did Ramadhan become a month to spend a lot of money in buying food that will be with no doubt wasted or thrown!
    i guess not
    I think people misunderstand what Ramadhan is
    Ramadhan is a month to pray, a month to help poor people or even a month to live the way homeless people live, i mean staying with no food, with no water, but now people wants to sleep and not to work and their only excuse for that is that in Ramadhan we should relax so fasting would be much easier and that is totaly wrong
    People must understand this, Ramadhan has special values that people really must know, and I wish you

    read this and give me your opinions about it:)

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    بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم

    you're right om marwan
    ramadan is indeed a month of work and hard work in ibaddat
    thanks dear
    أنا ما كتبت الشعر يوما متباهية...وما شدوت بمجد أسلافي أو نسبي أو مالِيةْ
    ولا استجدت كلماتي منّة قوم تذللا ... تعاف نفسي صغارا فما كنت له ساعية
    إنما حرك نبضَ يراع ســــــــاكن ..... مصائبُ حلّت بأمتي متتــــــــــالية


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      assalamo alaykoum warahamto lah wabaractoh
      praise due to allah the most merciful and powerful
      good try
      i like the opportnity you took to be the first participant who wrote in egnlish somthing about Ramdan an dthe first one who wrote in this space mashalah
      you are totally right
      the people spend to much time hanging out with friends after fotour in the stores or markets
      hasbouba lah waniama lwakil
      thank you sister please accept my modest comment


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        السلام عليكم ورحمة الله وبركاته

        you'r all right my dear sisters, i thank you a lot for your best opinions and shake hardly on your hands

        Ramadhan is a month of hard Ibadat every Muslim must profitfrom his yearly coming and prays to ALLAH to forgive to him

        we don’t know if the next Ramadhan we will be a live or not

        so let us work hard to bless God and satisfy our selves


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          thank you very much for your

          really it is very interseting
          for me i agree with you about what you said becouse the majority of people didn't spend ramadan in 3ibadaat allah
          i saw some people go to play alkarta in the coffe or sleeping all day without thinking about going to pray in the mosque , readingg coran and doing good thing about our islam
          infortunatelly our society refer
          to the back
          اللهم تبث ما في بطني و ارزقني ولدا واجعله تقيا ذكيا
          واجعله سليما معافى ولا تجعل في خلقه زيادة ولا نقصان ..
          اللهم اني اسألك هون الطلق وحسن الخلق ..
          اللهم أرزق كل محرومة درية صالحة كاملة بدون زيادة ولا نقصان
          اللهم آمين.


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            wallah my sister a very important subject, in fact regret the many people whotake Ramadan for release on television, sleeping and watching until the late hours of night sleep was again Unfortunately ensure the series and go into the streets. I hope to understand the Muslim religion and understand the meaning of Ramadan and the High Commissioner so as not to prolong you me the most beautiful tribute


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              am totaly agree with you sister
              thank you very much for this important subject
              ramadan is for praying and asking god to forgive us for our last faults
              ramadan is the chance to be near of god
              ramadan is a month of qoran

              thanks again darling for the subject and i hope that the majority of people understand what is ramadan
              كن ابن من شئت واكتسب ادبا..//..يغنيك محموده عن النسب
              ان الفتى من يقول ها انذا..//..و ليس الفتى من يقول كان ابي



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                السلام عليكم ورحمة الله وبركاته
                thank you so much sister for the subject, you are absolutely right about how people treat ramadan that is a mounth of ibada wa dikr not watching tv, sleeping, shoping or hanging out with friend wasting time sister i really appreciate you bringing the subject so i can talk to especially women who spend the day in the kitchen *****ng and *****ng. unfortunately half of the they **** goes the the trush can. and most of these women forget about ibada and dikre of course by the end of the day they are already tired and ready to go to bed. sister please manage your time and beside standing in the kitchen all day make sure you make some time for ibada and dikr
                معدرة وتقبلو مروري


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                  assalamo3alaykom warahamto allah wabarakatoh sisters

                  1st of all i thank you for rising this subject.Really it is worth to be discussed. Nowadays most of people give much of their time in *****ng plates and watching the programmes that have made especillay for this sacred month, going out at night to the coast as if the month of RAMADAN was a month of enjoyement, of festivity, of going late to bed, of playing cards, sitting in cafeterias ..... Really it is a shame that we dont saise this month in purifing our souls and in repentance.
                  What we may say, we ask ALLAH (SWT) to forgive us and to guide us to the right path Amen.


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                    السلام عليكم ورحمة الله وبركاته
                    indeed people become materialistic and superficial in their life style that's why ramadan is seen nowadays as a month of something else than praying reading quoran helping enabled persons
                    yet, there are exceptions and may ALLAH guide us to his


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