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  • some english expressions

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    Word/Expression: to wolf something down
    Quick translation: to eat something quickly
    Example: "I wolfed down that sandwich so quickly."
    My interpretation: Wolves are known for eating their food quickly, for fear that another wolf will get to it before them. So to "wolf something down" is to eat as quickly as a wolf does.

    Word/Expression: gotta
    Quick translation: to have to/to need to
    Example: "I gotta leave now."

    Word/Expression: to go (expression used where food is sold)
    Quick translation: to carry out/to take out with you
    Example: a waiter or salesperson may ask "Would you like (your food) to go?"

    Word/Expression: sick (when used to describe a person's mind or an event)
    Quick translation: strange or perverted
    Example: "That person is sick!" or "What he did to her is sick!"

    Word/Expression: What's up?
    Quick translation: a very casual way to say "Hi" or "How are you?" or "What is happening here?"

    Word/Expression: handy
    Quick translation: very useful, very industrious, or able to fix things themself
    Example: "Her husband is very handy around the house."

    Word/Expression: to catch a taxi / cab
    to hail a cab/taxi
    Quick translation: to get a taxi / cab
    Example: "Let's catch a taxi to the restaurant."

    Word/Expression: to catch a TV show/newstory/conversation
    Quick translation: to hear or see something
    Example: "Did you catch the news last night?"

    Word/Expression: to have time
    Quick translation: to have sufficient available time
    Example: "If we have time, we can stay at the bar until 11:00 p.m."

    Word/Expression: to threaten to kill someone
    Quick translation: to be very mad with someone
    Example: "I'm going to kill her when I see her."

    Word/Expression: "Whatever floats your boat."
    Quick translation: whatever pleases you
    Example: "I'd prefer to go on Sunday." Response: "OK, whatever floats your boat."

    Word/Expression: shaky/sketchy
    Quick translation: unsafe, unclear, not a good idea
    Examples: "I'm not sure what my boss wants me to do. His directions were a bit sketchy." OR "Should you go there? Isn't that neighborhood a bit shaky/sketchy?"

    Word/Expression: "I'm outta here" (I am out of here)
    Quick translation: I am leaving now

    Word/Expression: guy/guys
    Quick translation: a man/a group of men or a group of men AND women.
    Examples: "Hi guys (men and/OR women)... what's up?" "That guy (man only) is strange." "Those guys (men, or group of men and women) are also coming with us."
    Further clarification: Guy (singular) can only refer to a MAN. Guys (plural) can apply to a group of men and/or women.

    Word/Expression: to double-check
    Quick translation: to re-check or verify
    Example: "You should double-check our bank account balance before we plan our vacation trip."

    Word/Expression: "You gotta be kidding me."
    Quick translation: "You must be joking." OR "What you are saying cannot be true."

    Word/Expression: gonna (*****unced like "gunna")
    Quick translation: going to ....
    Example: "I'm gonna clean the bathroom today."


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      thank you very much darling you're very usefull


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          thanks alot dear
          كل منا يكتب اسمه في دفتر المواليد ويكتب في دفتر الوفيات وهذه الكتابة تتم بغيره لكن انت الوحيد القادر على ان تكتب اسمك في دفتر الحياة وتضل هذه الكتابة صفحة بيضاء في تاريخك الى ان يرث الله الارض ومن عليها


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              Thank you so much my dear for these expressions. I Live in the USA . I think you do live in here too. where exacly We can be friend. right?


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                  the best one for me , one a friend inveted me and told me: " help your self" that means '''eat or do what ever you wont, and I was like, what?, I help , I help whom?, heheheheheh
                  Amour de Cuisine


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                    thanks for your efforts


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