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  • Croissant

    [justify][justify][/justify][justify][/justify][justify]Hi everyone
    I make my own Croissant, and i find that it is less expensive than buying from a bakery ... anyway here is a recipe
    The ingredients:

    *8 oz flour
    *4 oz butter
    *1/2 cup water
    *1 tbs yeast
    *3 tbs sugar
    *1 tbs salt
    *1 egg

    The steps:

    *mix the yeast in a little bit of water
    *put the flour into a bowl
    *add sugar, salt, yeast mixture, and water
    *mix everything well
    *knead the dough about 20 minutes, until become smooth
    *form a ball
    *make a crossing incision
    *cover, and let rise until it doubles in size about 2/1 hours

    Prepare the butter:

    *put sheet of parchment papre, onto work surface
    *place butter on one side
    *cover it with the other side
    *flatten butter with a rolling pin
    *roll it to form a square
    *place into fridge to chill
    *sprinkle some flour, and push out the air
    *place butter, onto center of the dough
    *fold dough around butter to enclose completely
    *roll dough, into rectangle
    *fold dough, into thirds
    *fold the other side the same way, as we did at the 1st time
    *after close like a book
    *at this time fold into 3 cover, and leave it in the fridge for 35 minutes

    repeat these steps 4 times

    *and each time dust with flour roll, into rectangle, fold into 3, and place in the fridge for 30 minutes
    *after 4 times dust the dough, and roll into rectangle
    *let rest 7 minutes
    *cut into triangle shapes
    *make a small cut in the middle
    *roll it up, into croissant shape

    NB: Now how to make a little cocolate bread
    *cut, into small rectangles
    *place a piece of chocolate, into the middle, and roll
    *place them all, into a baking sheet
    *allow them to rise about 2/1 hours

    NB:preheat the oven, it should be 375F
    *now beat the egg with 2 tsp milk
    *brush them all over with the egg mixture
    *place, into center of oven, and bake for 15 minutes


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    thank you sister ybtissam for the less expensive croissant. though it needs a hard work and it takes time to prepare .it looks like pate feuillte..isn't it?thanks again sister


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      [justify]It's not even really a hard work as you say, like what i do i always make alot of , and i keep them in freezer.... about your question it does look like a la pâte feuilletée, but difference taste

      so thank you for your reply


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