TOP 10 G.W.BUSH favourie moments

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  • TOP 10 G.W.BUSH favourie moments

    here i came across this video showing the top 10 funny moments of G.W Bush,but the representative of the show forgot to show the iraqi journalist throwing his shoes on w.bush hhhhh that's the worst for w.bush...and the most funny and the greatest for us arabs
    allah is great

  • #2
    nice one hhhhh


    • #3's a great and funny show...this man has done all bad things in the world that made the whole world hate him and made fun of him and even humilate him


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        niiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiice hhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh
        إجعل قلبك كالقبر لا يدخله إلا شخص واحد... و لا تجعله كالبئر يشرب منه أي واحد.


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          it's nice


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            Why you still remembering this ass stupid man, he deserve all what happened to him and I hope somebody soon will revenge of what he have done to this world during his period I hope he will die but slowly and horribly as he have done to all the Arab world and god will revenge badly to all of us
            I HATE him
            ((اللهم أسترني فوق الأرض..وتحت الأرض..ويوم العرض)) ((اللهم أستر عوراتي..وآمن روعاتي))


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