Most difficult question ever.

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  • Most difficult question ever.

    There were two students who would be having a final examination the following day. These two boys are consistent top students of the class, and being so, instead of studying and preparing for the exam, that very night, they went out with their friends and partied the whole night. The next morning, both of them woke up late so they rushed up to the bathroom, dressed up as quickly as they can and went to school. Unfortunately, by the time they arrived, the exam was over and so they pleaded for a special examination. The teacher said, if they could give her good reason for their coming late for the exam, she might as well consider giving them a special exam. And so, one of the boys said, it was because the vehicle they were in had a flat tire adn so they had to stop over so the driver could fix it. The other boy agreed to what his friend had said with matching pitiful look on his face. And so, the teacher decided to give them the exam, provided that they would take it in separate rooms. The teacher also said, she's going to give them just one question, if they answer it correctly, they would get an A, otherwise, they would fail. The two were so relieved, anyway they didn't have to study for the exam because they thought it would just be a piece of cake for them and there's no big deal if they had to take it in separate rooms, anyway, both of them are smart. So they were now ready to answer their exam, the one-question exam. And the question was.....

    1. Which tire?

    hmmm... so, did they pass or fail? hehehe..

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    ha ha ha they must have failed surely ,unless they were that lucky and gave the same answers just by coincidence. but this shows that ''' hbal l kdob 9ssiiiiiiirrrrrrrr''''whatever the situation is ,it is better to say the truth unless this truth is gonna worsen the situation specially in the case of married couples ha ha this is at least what i think


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      they must be failed as they won't have the same answer
      the teacher is really clever hhhhhhhhhhhhh


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        that'da 50/50 chance hhhhh
        good one thank's sister


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