terror of Chinese government on muslims Uyghurs ---Terrorisme du gouvernement chinois

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  • terror of Chinese government on muslims Uyghurs ---Terrorisme du gouvernement chinois

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    East Turkistan Information center learned that 300 Uyghur men were arrested in Urumchi in August 4th with no excuse. Chinese official media did not report the news, but several Chinese police revealed the news proudly in Urumchi caf to their foreign friends: it is busy and fun day today, we caught 300 fish. Who cares if they were innocent, having Uyghur men in Urumchi is not safe for our society.

    According to some eyewitness accounts, Chinese armed police searching house to house arresting Uyghurs males over 15 with the excuse of relation to unrest that occurred on July 5. But, August 4th arrest was done without such excuse, since most of these arrested Uyghurs were new comers to Urumchi after july 5th unrest to look for their missing relatives. In july 30, Chinese government published most wanted list of 15 people including two women and only one Han ethnic men to justify searching Uyghur houses mainly. However, the photos of the Uyhgurs in most wanted list were very likely had been taken in the prison, faces of the pictures are show anger and some injures. Uyghurs suspect that those wanted people may had been already executed and publicized as a most wanted people to cover up the unfair execution .

    in July 19 Financial Times report stated that more than 4,000 Uyghurs had been arrested and that Urumchis prisons were so full that detainees were being held in Peoples Liberation Army warehouses. East Turkistan Information Center learned that number of arrested Uyghurs were and exceeded from 4000 since july19. According to Uyghur sources 10,000 Uyghurs missing in Urumchi. Many Uyghur families who failed to escape were attacked by Han mobs and slaughtered in Yamanliq tag district in Urumchi that remote from other Uyghur residential areas. According to unofficial statistics more than 1000 Uyghur families live in the district.
    Internet service and phone line was blocked since July 5th. There are no sign from Chinese government yet when it is possible to access communication line of the region.

    President of East Turkistan Information Center Abdujelil Karakash said: Chinese government block communication line of the region to hide ongoing Chinese state terror followed the july 5th unrest in East Turkistan


    le centre d'information du Turkestan oriental a appris que 300 hommes Uyghur ont t arrts Urumqi en 4 aot sans excuse.

    Les mdias officiels chinois n'ont pas rvl le rapport de ces arrestations, mais plusieurs policiers chinois ont firement racont ces nouvelles Urumchi caf leurs amis trangers: "Quelle chance aujourd'hui, nous avons captur 300 proies .... Qui se soucie s'ils taient innocents, avoir des Uyghurs Urumchi est un danger pour notre socit ... .

    Selon certains tmoignages, la police arme chinoise recherche de maison l'autre et procde l'arrestation des hommes Ouighours de plus de 15 ans sous pretexte d'avoir un rapport avec l'agitation qui a eu lieu le 5 Juillet.

    Mais les arrestations qui ont eu lieu le 4 aot taient sans aucun pretexte, la plupart des Ouighours qui sont venus Urumchi la recherche de leurs proches ports disparus aprs les troubles le 5 juillet ont t arrts.

    le gouvernement chinois a publi le 30 juillet, une listede 15 personnes recherches dont deux femmes et un seul homme de l'ethnique Han.

    Cependant, les photos des uyhgurs dans liste des personnes recherches ont t vraisemblablement prises dans la prison, leurs visages montrent la colre et quelques blessures.
    Les Ouighours pensent que ces gens ont t dj excut et que les autorits chinoises tentent par cette acte couvrir l'excution injuste.

    Le rapport du Financial Times du 19 Juillet indique que plus de 4000 Ouighours ont t arrts et que les prisons d'Urumchi ont t tellement pleine que les dtenus ont t emmens aux entrepts de l'Arme populaire de libration .

    l'East Turkestan Information Center a appris que le nombre des Ouighours qui ont t arrts depuis 19 juillet a dpass 4000. Selon les sources Uyghur 10.000 Ouighours sont ports disparus.
    Beaucoup de familles oughour qui n'ont pas russi s'chapper ont t attaqus par des monstres Han et abattus dans Yamanliq tag district Urumchi.
    Selon des statistiques non officielles plus de 1000 familles Uyghur vivent dans le district.
    les services Internet et lignes tlphoniques ont t bloques depuis 5 Juillet.

    Le prsident du Centre d'information du Turkestan oriental Abdujelil Karakash, a dclar: le gouvernement chinois a bloqu la ligne de communication dans la rgion pour continuer cacher la terreur d'État chinois qui a suivi les troubles du 5 juillet au Turkestan oriental"

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